Dr. Wilfood Marseilles
Hello, my name is Dr. Wilfood Marseilles and I was born in the Grand Colline. After graduating from one of the top medical schools in Haiti, I chose to return to the Grand Colline and work at the clinic because I want to apply my knowledge of healthcare to the community of people whom I grew up with, to give them a service through which they can profit. Whenever I encounter people who are facing difficultly, it is a pleasure to work hard to help them overcome their difficulties.

I am so happy to work in healthcare in the Grand Colline, especially to assist the youth who are still in school. Perhaps in some way I can be a role model for them as they look to their future career.


Miss Marie joined our team in 2016 as our first midwife. She received her nursing degree and later graduated from the midwifery program through Midwives for Haiti. After graduating was ready to locate herself amongst a team caring for the rural needs of women in Haiti. Since Marie’s arrival, the clinic has opened its first birth center which provides a haven for safe deliveries within the region.


Good afternon! My name is Lorna and I have been serving as a nurse at Clinic Jean Wilfrid Albert since 2006. I truly enjoy being a nurse. The Grand Colline is my home and I continue to work in this area because I want to help provide healthcare for all the people who are suffering and cannot go to the hospital. I hope to help raise awareness concerning their health needs and also help them find ways to prevent certain diseases from returning



My name is Ferris and I have been working with HHP since its founding in 2006. Prior to joining the administration team, I spent many years volunteering for NGO’s , advocating the need for a health facility to be brought to the community of Cherident. I searched for vaccinations and resources for the children in the region because I believed healthcare could one day be possible. Eventually, God heard my prayers and brought us the clinic. I am so thankful for HHP. I live in the village of David. I am thankful for my position at the clinic because it has brought meaningful work to my life and provision to my family.


Miss Florence serves as a nurse at the Jean Wilfrid Albert Clinic. She truly enjoys her role at the clinic, especially on Tuesdays when the children come to visit her as part of the malnutrition program. Miss Florence grew up and lives in Cherident.

Building maintenance and security

My name is Anous- but everyone refers to me as 'Kin Kin'. If you visit Haiti, you will find me helping watch over the clinic and make sure everyone has what they need. If there is a difficult job needing to be done, I enjoy being there to help. I grew up in the village of David in a family of 8, close to Cherident and I know the region of the Grand Colline very well. Patients who come to the clinic are friends, neighbors, and family of mine. I want you to know how happy I am to work at the clinic.


Hello, My name is Emmanuel but many call me Mono. I work in medical administration for Clinic Jean Wilfrid Albert. I really love the clinic and helping the healthcare of the people in the Grad Colline since I joined in 2016. Having grown up in Cherident, I know alot of the people and families of the area well. I always like it when they come to the clinic and I have the chance to greet them and make their day better. I am a leader in the church. I work at the clinic because I believe the health of the people is very important in the development of the region. I am so happy because over the last year we have done so much for many people in our mobile clinic but we still have many sick people who have yet in need of a doctor. We still have to work to help them and not stop. There are more out there who need us to continue in our work

Mobile Clinic Driver and Manager

Bonjour everybody, my name is Wedner and I oversee the mobile clinic program at Clinic Jean Wilfrid Albert as the driver of the clinic ambulance. Emergencies can occur any time, day or night. I feel proud when I am driving the mobile clinic because I know I am contributing to the health needs of my people. I can remember prior to the ambulance seeing patients being carried to the clinic on a door. We are now here to transport them safely to the clinic or hospital and I am so proud.


Since 2006, Francois has served with HHP as the lead pharmacist. He was excited to receive the gift of a mobile clinic because this meant more patients will be served. His next hope for the clinic is a motorcycle. This will serve not only the urgent medical needs, but assist him in his role as pharmacist. He recently shared, “Imagine how simple it would become to reach malnourished children if we could deliver the care to them on moto rather than seeing them walk 3-5 hours at times”.

HHP Executive Director

Sara has been working with the people of Haiti since 1995. Her work in Haiti entails building leadership capacity with those she encounters, and encouraging others to present their best selves to the world. Haiti Healthcare Partners is making great strides in addressing the chronic health needs in this rural region of Haiti. Because of this work, mothers are finding support to address their situations, children are living free of malnutrition, and fathers are equipped to lead more effectively. Sara believes these are a few of the most valuable transformations we could wish for as an organization.



Bob Sears, President

Ben Small, CFO/ Treasurer

Ann Miller, board member

Donna Leidersdorf, Executive board member

John Bradley, board legal advisory

Susan Tuberville, board member

Dr. Fritz Oxeus, Haitian doctor and medical advisory



Rev. Menelas Frederic

Jean Robert Midi

Manesse Louis Jean

Dr. Martha V. Catolin

Marie Gilida Jean Philippe